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Sebastian of King's Ransom

Can Celeste trust Sebastian in their marriage of convenience which flares with unexpected passion while a threatening presence prowls at night in the old house. Celeste Beaumont travels to an isolated vanilla plantation to meet her estranged grandmother. When she arrived she found her dying grandmother whispering fearfully about nightly intruders wandering the rooms of the old mansion. What could they want? Was her grandmother lucid? Sebastian Beaumont, an orphan of the city streets and adopted by Celeste’s grandparents, seemed to have had the life Celeste’s mother should have enjoyed. Educated in England at a fine school, he returned to manage the plantation. The tall, darkly handsome man did not try to hide his suspicion that Celeste came at an opportune time to grasp her share of the thriving plantation that he had worked so hard to bring to profit for his adopted parents. The grandmother manipulated the two from the grave, forcing them into a marriage of convenience in order to protect the interests of the plantation. Between Sebastian and Celeste flared an unwanted passion that neither could control. Although her feelings toward Sebastian blossomed, her trust in him remained divided. Who was walking through the halls at night and why did Sebastian refuse to believe it?

Life in a Nut Shell

[from back cover ] A collection of short stories ranging from humorous to inspiring, but all thought-provoking as are much of Pinkie Paranya’s longer works in novels. None of her writing will ever leave you suspended in mid-air at the end, waiting for a satisfying closure.

Her essays have been printed in newspapers, her views are her own, but she wants to share them with her readers. Some will agree, some will not, but that too is thought-provoking and challenging.

In the Retro Computer section, since she started computing in the 80s when personal computers were a new phenom, here’s hoping some of you will fondly recall those early days and the newbies may get a rare glimpse of where it all started.

In traveling years before it became common and ordinary, she had adventures serious, odd and humorous. Even if you never travel, you can enjoy her experiences.

The PET chapter is self explanatory. An innate respect for all of God’s creatures lifts us from the mundane to the extraordinary

Sedna, North Star Raven Woman

[from back cover ] When Sedna, Raven Woman, and her clan of Inuit people discover a Viking ship wrecked on the shores of their Arctic island in the spring of 975 AD, Sedna is warned by the Raven Mother not to let her people kill the lone Norseman aboard. Heeding the warning, she stands between him and her angry tribe, causing her people to shun and distrust her. Thanks to her intervention, the Viking, Rolv, lives to repair his ship and sail to his home on a nearby island, where he has been banished for a year by his father, Eric the Red, in Greenland. When Rolv leaves Sedna’s island, he kidnaps her, certain that her own people will slay her as punishment for defending an outsider. But he knows nothing of how to survive in the harsh environment and, without Sedna, would surely perish during the coming winter. But even if she can keep this strong, stubborn Norseman fed, clothed, and warm, despite the dangers of her icy home, how can she keep him safe from her people who continually stalk them and what will she do with her heart, when he leaves her world to return to his father in Greenland once the spring has come again?

Death Has No Dominion

[from back cover ] She stared at the sprawling body of a woman in the water.

“She is down there,” the voice whispered, stiffening hairs on the back of Kate’s neck. No! She slams down the lid of her laptop computer. That was where the picture and sound had come from. But it doesn’t help. On her first vacation ever, Kate is plagued by visions she doesn’t want. Now she has no choice but to place her trust in a Colorado sheriff, who wants to be more than a friend, even though Kate has serious doubts about his motives.

In the sequel to One...Two...Buckle My Shoe, Death Has No Dominion takes the reader on a journey into the mind of a psychopathic killer. And the reluctant psychic detective, Kate Macklin, is the only one with any chance to stop him from unleashing his insatiable thirst for vengeance.

Seňora of the Superstitions

[from back cover ] Can Jowanna McFarland survive in the sinister mountains long enough to find her missing father, solve the mystery of his buried treasure and stake a claim to the elusive heart of Kane Landry?


    The old house stands in the desert, ringed in the distance by the ominous Superstition Mountains. In the night, winds whisper through the salt cedars, while somewhere in the dark, a puma screams a cry of death.

              From up the narrow, shadowy staircase come noises no one is supposed to hear, the ghostly figure of a woman at the top of the stairway, and the pervasive, faint smell of perfume. Could it be the tragic ghost of the Seňora of the Superstitions, a legend that has lived for a hundred years?

            When Jowanna meets Kane, she is inexplicably drawn to this rough-hewn rancher but senses he holds secrets that could mean life or death to her.

Saga of Sourdough Red

[about the book] Jennifer Kileen, an Ohio farm girl, journeys to Alaska toward the end of the gold rush to search for her twin brother, Jeremy. He’d sent a torn map and a plea for help to their father, unaware that both parents had perished during an influenza epidemic. Jenny takes her kid brother with her, but to travel more freely she is disguised as a young man, hiding her one vanity, her long red hair, under a hat. Jenny and David start their journey surviving a storm at sea, make a harrowing trip up the dreaded Valdez Glacier, and are pursued by an unknown but relentless villain throughout their journey. Two men fall in love with her — Captain Mitch, a dashing, handsome ship’s captain, and Neal Erickson, a doctor who gave up his profession to do survey work in the wilderness. Will Jenny choose the right man? Does she find her long-lost brother?  

[an excerpt from the book] “Shush, Jennifer!, don’t get upset. I’m not complete, I tell you. I’ve nothing to offer. You deserve better.”

“You’re probably right.” Her voice quaked just a bit with the struggle to maintain her dignity. Had she told him she loved him when they were in the midst of passion? It was hard to remember, but maybe he didn’t remember, either.

He got to his feet and walked a short way to peer over the rail. When he looked at her, his face was in the shadows, his expression unreadable.

“You’re a strong-minded woman, but also you’re soft and romantic and mischievous. Everything a man should find exciting in a mate. And you’ll find the right man soon, sweet Jenny. The wonder is that it hasn’t happened before this. When you do, you’ll thank me for being honest with you.” He turned and walked away.

Jenny sat for a long time, even after the air was so cold that she began to shiver. She’d offered herself to this man, and he’d spurned her. Tears crowded into her eyes and ran down her cheeks. Boo crept out from behind the chair and nudged his head under her hand, as if wanting to comfort her. She was beyond comfort, and it wasn’t only the cold that made her numb. How could she face him for the rest of the journey and pretend there was no distance between them?

Later, lying in her bunk with her hands behind her head, she stared up at the ceiling. Where did she go wrong? She accepted the fact that the miners saw her as one of them, a robust, sturdy survivor. Maybe not Ivar, but she didn’t love Ivar. Same as Neal didn’t love her.

Jenny listened to the sound of the ship plowing through the water toward Fairbanks.

Romancing a Tasmanian CowboyRomancing a Tasmanian Cowboy

[ from back cover ] The road they traveled on meandered through the mountains and down into valleys filled with lush, green ferns. When they finally arrived, she found herself wishing they were still whizzing along the highway. It had been so warm and comfortable. 

Once they’d finished hauling stuff out of the vehicle and set up their tents, they sat around the campfire. “We’ll just have a bite of something cold ’n’ turn in early.  Tomorrow Tim ’n’ I will catch a bucket-load of fish.”

The boy smiled, a shy, tentative curl of lip. “Yes!”

A lump rose up in her throat. A month ago he would never have spoken out with such enthusiasm without a trace of self-consciousness.

The wind didn’t intrude much into the site Marshall had picked out to peg their tents, yet it was chilly sitting around the campfire. She looked forward to the warmth of her sleeping bag. Timmy must have felt the same, for he said his goodnights and went into his little tent.

Flynn stood up and stretched. “Guess I’ll call it a day, too, if you don’t mind.” As she turned toward her tent, Marshall stepped in front of her, blocking her departure. She looked up in surprise.

“An’ here I was, thinking you’d want to bunk with me.” His husky voice was pitched just above a whisper. “To keep warm, I mean.”

“I don’t think so.”

His mouth settled on hers with natural ease, his lips moving beneath hers, his tongue searching. She permitted herself the luxury of enjoying the kiss for a little while before she spread her hands gently against his chest.

He slid his cheek down against hers, pushing away her hair at the nape of her neck, and then began to nibble gently, sending sparks shooting through her body.

“You smell good.” His breath was hot against her skin.

He did, too. Back on the farm in the early morning, she used to stand with her door slightly ajar to inhale the scent of his early morning aftershave.

“Is this the reason you brought me?” She had to put the brakes on her own emotions, as well as his.

She felt his body stiffen before he dropped his hands and looked at her with dangerous calm. Then he turned on his heel and entered his tent.

The silence he left behind was more intense than anything he could have said to her.

Herr Schnoodle & McBeeHerr Schnoodle & McBee

[ ] What do you get when you mix a beautiful gossip reporter, a bag lady with a dangerously mysterious past, a cranky, bumbling private investigator with phobias for germs, animals and most people and an abandoned, rescued dog who ends up solving most of McBee’s cases for him? You get a whimsical, fun to read mystery the whole family can enjoy.

Treasure of the Amazon

[ ] 2 out of 4 for sensual and 3 out of 4 for “liking the book very much and would recommend it.” The reviewer said Treasure of the Amazon “painted a vivid picture of jungle life. The plot was interesting and held my attention through the entire book. The love story was sweet and slow, and I kept wanting to find out what would happen next. This was a book I really enjoyed reading.”

[ ] They gave the book 4 cups and said Treasure of the Amazon is “a great escape novel, allowing the reader to immerse themselves in a madcap adventure ranging from tense to hilarious. As this is the latest of the author’s offerings, I will definitely be checking her backlist. She handles both adventure and romance with a deft touch and makes the far-fetched feel believable. I found the book to be just plain, pure fun.”

[ ] The reviewer said Treasure of the Amazon was “a perfect book to take to the beach. Beach reads need to have an easy style, a fluid yet streamlined plot, interesting characters, and an element of fantasy. A beach read should not be complex, overly thought-provoking, pessimistic, or in any way cause the reader to evaluate her life. Treasure of the Amazon was, indeed, a beach reading treasure.”

[ ] The reviewer said, “personally I’m not a fan of jungle adventure romances, but surprisingly Treasure of the Amazon not only caught me hook, line and sinker, it was a quick read from beginning to end. Mostly plot-driven, Marisa and Scott’s dangerous journey not only intrigues but doesn’t slow down as they encounter many threats along the way. Treasure of the Amazon is a page-turner that I highly recommend.”