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Below is the fourth set of poems by Pinkie Paranya.

The first set is available by clicking here.

The second batch is available by clicking here.

The third batch is available by clicking here.


Lost — a dream once young and happy

Now embittered — oh so old.

Lost — a heart once warm and tender

Suddenly turned hard and cold.


Gone the memories of laughter,

No more the kisses, gentle sighs.

The curtain bringing down the last act

Brings to tears, once laughing eyes.


Life brings fear and sorrow crushing…

Doubtful are the roads once crossed.

Life goes on — never ceasing…

Life goes on — but love is lost.




When you come to the end of the rainbow

And you're ready to set down your load,

When sunrise and sunset no longer hold promise...

You've come to the end of the road.


If you go before me, I'll be here,

Comforting, holding you so.

And I promise to follow when my time is up

If you wait at the end of the road.


As the rainbow serves as God's covenant,

So the end of the road is a vow

To wait for each other as long as it takes,

Yesterday, Tomorrow and Now.


The end of the road is love's promise

That everything good never ends...

That however long we're together or apart

We'll meet where the long road bends.


I thought that love had passed me by, and never would return.

It came and went so quickly that, I thought I’d never earn…

a second chance.

A lifeless, soul-less creature I, had been for many years.

I’d lost the power to feel, to care . . . Who was I, with bitter tears,

to have a second chance?

But there it is and here am I, just like a fool to let it go.

Dreaming dreams that can’t come true, waiting for my Knight to show.

Was this my second chance?’




I gazed into a drop of dew

and saw the ocean crest.

The blades of grass I knelt upon

was but a seagull’s nest.


The languid weeping willow tree

turned out to be a sail.

The trunk made such a splendid sloop,

I knew I couldn’t fail…


To find my mate across the seas

would prove my trust anew.

I looked again down at my feet…

…and saw…a drop of dew.





To a Loved One, Gone but not Forgotten

I think of you when the day is fine
when the lake is calm
and the trees are still.

I think of you when I smell the dew
in the early morn
on the side of the hill.

I feel your presence near the path
think of your laughter, strong and rare.

When I die, let me leave such an aftermath...
of a thought, a feeling, gently shared.


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