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Sourdough Red

Sebastian of King's Ransom


Raven Woman

Tiana, Gift of the Moon

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Romancing a Tasmanian Cowboy

Herr Schnoodle & McBee


St. Louis Sam & the DesperadosSt. Louis Sam & the Desperados is now available!

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There are lots of Pinkie Paranya books from which to choose!

Heart of JadeHeart of Jade has been newly published.

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Practice Makes PerfectThe Wild Rose Press has published Practice Makes Perfect

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Women of the Northland series is being republished.
Raven Woman

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Death Have No DominionThis book is available from Black Opal Books

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Sourdough RedThe Wild Rose Press has published this book

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Sebastian of King's RansomThis is available from New Concepts Publishing.

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Seńora of the Superstitions can be bought from The Wild Rose Press

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Romancing a Tasmanian CowboyNew from Black Opal Books

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Life in a Nut Shell

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Raspberry RainbowsRaspberry Rainbows: A Celebration of Discovery

This is a special book of memories. Here is one place it's available, but there are others.


Other Pinkie Paranya books are sold in many places, both online and in book stores. The clickable links (not in any particular order), below, can take you to just some of your options for buying these great books — as hardcover, paperback, or eBook. In most cases, searching on the author — “Paranya” or “Pinkie Paranya” or “P.K. Paranya” — will take you to the website’s index.


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